Automotive & Transport

  • Automotive


    Symar® Automotive products are recognized by the world's leading automotive manufacturers for their durability, versatility, and quality.

  • Mud Flaps and Wheel Chocks

    Heavy Duty Mud Flaps and Wheel Chocks

    Our high-quality splash guards minimize spray and withstand the rigors of heavy-duty trucking.

  • Cargo Restraint

    Cargo Restraint


    Durable yet simpler than blocking and bracing, Load-Grip® delivers superior anti-skid performance for your valuable cargo.

  • Light Truck Accessories

    Light Truck Accessories

    KN Rubber offers high-quality bedmats, tailgate protectors, and other products for a variety of light duty transport applications.


  • Sound Insulation

    Sound Insulation

    QuietDown Acoustic Underlay

    High-performance QuietDown® reduces sound transmission through subfloors.

  • Roofing


    Safe-T-Guard roof walkway mats provide maximum protection under all weather conditions.

  • Vibration Control

    Vibration Control

    Symar® Load Bearing Pads deliver enhanced strength, stiffness, tear resistance, and weather resistance for a wide variety of applications.

Industrial & Agricultural

  • Matting


    Our full line of flooring products is the most durable and dependable matting on the market today.

  • Sheet and Roll

    Sheet and Roll

    Constructed from high-quality, fiber-reinforced Symar® masticated rubber, our sheet and roll products are ideal for die-cutting into a wide range of products.

  • Custom molding

    Custom molding services

    KN Rubber has a wide variety of molding and fabricating processes to meet your custom needs.


  • Pro-Fit Athletic Rubber Flooring

    Athletic Surfaces

    Our flooring options provide durable protection for a wide variety of athletic and fitness sites.