QuietDown Acoustic Underlay

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Cut-away view showing QuietDown High Bond with concrete subfloor and ceramic tile Cut-away view showing QuietDown High Bond with concrete subfloor and ceramic tile. See more assemblies >

Recycled rubber

Made in North America

QuietDown is a multi-purpose, high-performance acoustic underlay engineered from recycled rubber to reduce sound transmission through subfloors.

QuietDown Acoustic Underlay

Specially formulated for your flooring type

Perfect for a wide variety of finish floors and subfloors, QuietDown Acoustic Underlay is available as the original QuietDown Max, QuietDown Max High Bond for ceramic tile and stone, and economical QuietDown Premium.

Thinner, lighter, and stronger than conventional underlays, QuietDown offers incredible sound-dampening qualities.

Proven results

Tests by the National Research Council show that QuietDown is effective at reducing mid- to high-frequency impact sounds beneath ceramic flooring, hardwood and laminates. For example, 1/8" QuietDown Max under hardwood achieves an FIIC rating of 61. This means impact sounds such as speech, people walking in hard-soled shoes or dropped toys, pots, pans, etc., will be reduced.

Green materials

All QuietDown products are engineered from recycled tires, so every square foot you install means less landfill waste. For contractors, this means QuietDown contributes to the green content and LEED credits in new construction.

Installing QuietDown Max High Bond is quick and easy

Where to use QuietDown

QuietDown is perfect for condos, kitchens, playrooms, institutional settings, and anywhere else where noise transmission is a concern.

Installs in a flash

QuietDown is perfect for do-it-yourselfers. Laying and trimming is quick and easy. Installation techniques vary depending on your flooring type; read the installation instructions for more info.

Keeps working for years

QuietDown is manufactured from durable recycled rubber, which translates into a stronger, more resilient acoustic underlay that won't pack down or fall apart over time.

Applications include: New construction, Residential, Commercial, Upgrading/Refurbishments

Features and Benefits

  • High performance mid- to high-frequency impact sound reduction
  • Achieves FIIC 61* under wood floor systems
  • Doubles as a crack isolation membrane under ceramic and stone installations
  • Used under screed application as a de-coupling / sound insulation membrane
  • Mildew and insect repellent
  • Will not rot or fall apart over time
  • Low surface deflection
  • Will not sag or compress like foams and felt fiber underlays
  • Meets ASTM C627-93 Robinson Test designation for medium to heavy commercial applications in tile and stone assemblies
  • High coefficient of friction; reduces creeping and movement of floating wood systems
  • Excellent thermal R value and reduces passive thermal loss
  • Easy-to-handle sheets make for less waste and lay down flat with no curled edges

* Based on 8" concrete slab and 1/8" QuietDown Max with no suspended ceiling.