Load-Grip® Cargo Restraint Mats

Load-Grip ensures your compliance

The yellow marking and rating on Load-Grip is your assurance that our cargo restraint mats are manufactured to a coefficient of friction of greater than 0.8 as per the North American Cargo Securement Standard performance criteria (per ASTM D-1894).

Load-Grip certifications

Load-Grip is in full compliance with U.S. FMCSA 49 CFR, parts 392 and 393.

In Canada, the use of Load-Grip mats ensures compliance with Canada’s National Safety Code Standard 10 Cargo Securement Act. This Act states that all provinces in Canada require that all motor carriers must comply with load securement standards.

In Europe, Load-Grip mats have FLOG certification through Universität Dortmund, Germany.

Load-Grip mats are recognized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and the Association of American Railroads. Load-Grip is approved for use in a number of Intermodal loading methods.