QuietDown Acoustic Underlay

Floor CoveringQuietDown TypeΔ IIC
3/4" HardwoodQuietDown Max 2mm23
QuietDown Premium 2mm21
3/8" Engineered WoodQuietDown Max HB 7mm22
QuietDown Premium 2mm20
12 x 12 Ceramic TileQuietDown Max HB 2.5mm14
QuietDown Premium 4mm16
QuietDown Premium 2mm15

Per ASTM E492-09, 6" Concrete slab, no ceiling

Floor Type Ceiling Floor Covering QuietDown Type IIC / FIIC STC / FSTC
6" Concrete SlabNoBareNone27
NoWoodQuietDown Max 3.2mm4852
NoTileQuietDown Max HB 3.2mm4352
NoLaminateQuietDown Max 2mm4950
7.5" Concrete SlabNoWoodQuietDown Max HB 4mm54
NoTileQuietDown Max HB 4mm52
8" Concrete SlabNoLaminateQuietDown Max 2mm58
NoWoodQuietDown Max 4mm6260
NoWoodQuietDown Max 3.2mm6159
NoTileQuietDown Max HB 4mm4864
Metal Pan Steel
Joist Deck
YesWoodQuietDown Max HB 4mm55
YesTileQuietDown Max HB 4mm51

Per ASTM E1007, E989, E336, E90, C423, E413, E492, and E2179, field and laboratory tests

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